About Us

BlueSteel Services LLC is in the business of representing domestic and offshore producers of finished and semi-finished steel goods. Our products service energy and construction trade in the US and Canada. The founders of BlueSteel have 30 years of success in the wholesale steel industry.

BlueSteel Services LLC is a privately held company. Our philosophy is simple. Quality comes first. We align ourselves with suppliers whose product quality is second to none. We believe that in the steel business, only the most modern and efficient producers can stand up to the challenging standards required in a rapidly changing marketplace.

After quality comes delivery. Time in the business has taught us the many pitfalls that lead to late or damaged shipments. The staff at BlueSteel has long standing relationships with ocean and overland logistics providers to help insure intact and on-time delivery.Finally, we believe that in order for our company to prosper, our suppliers and customers must also prosper. The viability of BlueSteel is intertwined with that of our friends and partners in the steel business.